About geek + makeup + wisdom

Since becoming a cosmetic chemist in 2011, I’ve been mentoring students on how I got my feet wet in such a niche industry. Thus, I’ve finally decided to make a whole website dedicated to those very students. Not only will I offer you insights on how you can become a cosmetic chemist, but I can teach you how to quickly move on up in the industry

All of my content will include:

  • tips on how to break into the industry

  • the different career paths you can take as a cosmetic chemist

  • educational info to help you understand what the heck you’re doing in the lab (and if you’re in product development, what the heck you’re developing!)

  • making your own formulas (recipes) at home

Disclaimer: All content presented on this website do not represent the views or opinions of my current employer. 

Why do you keep calling us “Boosukes?” what the hell does that mean?

I’m a nerd. The reference is related to Yu Yu Hakusho, after the character Yusuke. I just end up calling a lot of my friends from that fandom “boo-suke” (boo-skeh) instead of “boo.” Just…accept it.