I currently offer the following services. Please use the form below for inquiries. Rates will vary depending on the services rendered.


Looking for a chemistry tutor? I’m yo girl. I’ve been tutoring high school and college students for several years as a side gig while working full-time in the cosmetic industry. I create lesson plans based on the students needs, and provide post-session notes to summarize the concepts and problems we reviewed together during the session. I’m available online through various chat apps. I tutor the following subjects:

  • AP chemistry/SAT chemistry

  • General chemistry

  • Organic chemistry

  • Inorganic chemistry

  • Biochemistry

Please e-mail me the specific concepts you need help with (e.g. Lewis dot structures, substitution/elimination reactions, etc.). This will help me plan accordingly ahead of time. If you don’t know off-hand, use the form below to contact me so we can figure out your needs.

School/career counseling

Does your school counselor not know anything about cosmetic chemistry? Yeah. I’ve been in that boat before. It sucks. Let’s make sure you’re not in that position like I was. If you have questions about school or the industry, that advice is always on the house! But if you need more specific help, I can offer the following services for a small fee:

  • Build a suggested course curriculum based on the specific course and major offerings at your school

  • Review resume and cover letter

  • Interview prep, including mock interviews

DISCLAIMER: By no means do these services guarantee you a job in the industry. I do not offer refunds if you fail a certain class I suggest you take, or you do not get the position you applied for. You pay for these services knowing that you are asking for help, not guarantees. ;)

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please note—I do not offer product development or formulation consultation work at this time

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